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Operations can be a vital component of competitive advantage—and achieving excellence is more important than ever. TCC’s operations consulting teams help clients unlock value from every aspect of their operations. 

Maximizing operational efficiency and effectiveness has never been easy. Yet excelling at operations management is even more daunting today owing to supply chain disruptions, trade instability, changes in customer expectations, and the rise of digital operations. At TCC, we partner with clients at every level of their organisation to drive transformational change—and impact—in key areas of operations management ranging from procurement, service operations, and supply chain to manufacturing, capital project management, and end-to-end operational excellence.

Our operations services

TCC helps organizations focus on building resilience and sustainability into their supply chains to mitigate disruptions and trade instability. We also help maximize the return on these critical investments.

In today’s business climate, customer expectations are increasingly diverse, complex, and volatile. Potential markets and optimum manufacturing locations are continually shifting. With increased interdependencies at every level, supply chain networks have become more vulnerable to costly natural and economic disruptions.

Smart companies respond to these pressures by making their supply chains agile, adaptive, and sustainable. They ensure that their supply chain strategy mirrors their overall business strategy. They know that the most effective supply management responds quickly to even small changes in demand—and relies on smart deployment and planned resilience. And they understand that more efficient, greener supply chains deliver benefits for both business and the environment alike.

What Does Supply Chain Strategy Look Like in Uncertain Times?
Though the current circumstances are unprecedented, TCC is able to successfully apply best practices and lessons from previous crises. Above all, companies must make supply chain decisions that are fast, decisive, and accurate. Companies must then implement those decisions rapidly and transparently.
For example, some companies set up control towers that provide end-to-end visibility into their supply chains and other critical assets. When disruptions emerge—or re emerge—they can act swiftly to stabilize their operations.

Our Capabilities in End-to-End Supply Chain Optimization
We help companies reach peak supply chain performance by improving the metrics critical to success:

Cost, such as operational expenditures
Speed, such as order fulfilment lead time
Delivery, such as forecast accuracy
Our supply chain optimization services span several dimensions.

Our Process
We begin each supply chain engagement by evaluating a company’s site and market. We assess the performance of the current chain and identify essential areas for improvement.
Then we conduct a comprehensive diagnostic analysis that covers everything from a company’s strategy, network, and processes to its organization, systems, and people. We deliver a detailed implementation plan that we can also help execute.

Many service organizations across industries are chasing digital players, which set the standard in customer experience and efficiency. TCC helps clients unleash the full potential of their service operations with a focus on smart technology and enabled organizations.

Nothing underscores the vital role of service and support operations more than the downside of neglecting these functions. Inadequate focus results in waste of resources, poor speed and quality of service, and low customer satisfaction.
By taking a comprehensive view of end-to-end processes within both service and support operations, we help clients make the kinds of transformative moves necessary to fully optimize their selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) expenses. That same encompassing view also helps our clients get the most out of digitization and automation.

Our Approach to Optimizing Service and Support Operations
TCC’s approach transcends a single offering or focus, acknowledging different natures of service industries and support functions. We combine the right project type with the right methodology, supported by ready-made tools.

What’s more, we bring a multidisciplinary team to every engagement. Our experts employ human-centred design, digital solutions, and agile principles to cover the full spectrum of your business needs.
Put simply: we offer broad knowledge across the full range of functional capabilities to all service and support operations while also providing deep expertise specific to individual industries.

TCC’s Service and Support Operations Serves Your Functions and Your Industry
TCC’s service operations consulting teams focus on several key functions across industries, leveraging specialists who bring deep and proven expertise to every facet of your service operations. Our aim is straightforward and sweeping: to optimize your SG&A expenses and supercharge performance. Below, you can find more on specific areas.

Support Functions
We look at every support function and shared service as a major source of value creation and competitive advantage. We don’t just focus on improvements that cut costs; we look for opportunities to make processes faster, smoother, and less complicated, giving employees more time to concentrate on value-creating activities. This perspective allows us to help clients complete ambitious digital transformations of their support functions and shared service organizations. Our service operations consulting teams deliver results through structural redesign, process simplification, and digital service operations, with an unrelenting focus on operational excellence and customer satisfaction.
As a result, TCC clients are typically able to reduce costs by 20% to 30% and implement processes 2 to 3 times faster.

The disruption caused by COVID-19 underscores how critical it is for companies to achieve excellence in end-to-end operations, given the potential gains in efficiency, agility, and performance. TCC helps clients achieve operational innovation to meet this imperative.

Our Approach to Operational Excellence
Cost excellence goes beyond simple cost-cutting measures. End-to-end (E2E) operational excellence can deliver impressive value for companies—including a 5% to 15% boost to EBITA; cost reductions of 5% to 10% in third-party procurement spending, 15% to 30% in operations overhead, and 10% to 25% in warehousing and distribution; and a 50% to 80% reduction in carbon footprint.

TCC’s operational excellence consulting teams help clients achieve these gains by supercharging efficiency and effectiveness in key steps in their operations value chain. We also assist clients with holistic value-chain transformation to enhance service and quality, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.

Clients choose TCC as their operational excellence partner for:

Unlocking new value fast—by zeroing in on the most promising operational innovation opportunities
Tying operational excellence to business strategy—by aligning capabilities and performance to key enterprise strategies
Sustaining success—by working with leaders across the organization to make sure that operational gains persist for the long term
Strengthening their own capabilities—by equipping them with the digital tools, skills, and knowledge needed to tackle their toughest operational challenges on their own
Optimizing the supply chain across functions—by breaking down silos and enabling transparency throughout the operational process

The result: a leaner, more agile enterprise that can flex as needed to win—not just now but also far into the future.

Some business leaders think that creating a digital supply chain means automating a single task, such as forecasting demand or optimizing the production schedule. At TCC, we know that supply chain digitization requires a holistic transformation mindset.

We know that digital solutions in supply chain management perform best—and unlock the greatest value—when they’re integrated across the entire enterprise, when they involve both processes and people. This change management approach doesn’t just position companies to be more agile, reliable, and efficient; it also delivers higher margins and lower costs.

Our Bionic Approach to Supply Chain
TCC’s digital supply chain consultants develop strategies and high-tech digital solutions for our clients, leveraging our deep expertise in digital supply chains and our hands-on digital experience in industry and other technologies. To maximize the value of their supply chains, leading companies adopt a bionic operating model, which intertwines the best of both man and machine—combining human know-how with the power of AI—to generate substantial improvements.

TCC’s Digital Supply Chain Capabilities
Armed with a bionic supply chain approach, leaders gain the guidance they need to capture real-time, end-to-end visibility over the supply chain. The combination of enhanced technologies for decision making (such as big data, advanced analytics, and AI) and human creativity and collaboration enables them to deploy advanced supply chain solutions and optimize operations.

Procurement’s impact on performance goes well beyond savings. Done right—with efficient operating models empowered by digital analytics and smart tools—it can drive innovation, quality, sustainability, and speed; reduce your risk position; and facilitate resilient supply chains.

TCC’s procurement consulting experts know how best to help teams chart a course to buying differently—and better. They blend deep sector-specific knowledge with expertise in procurement best practices—both traditional and new—as well as digital transformation.

Creating Value Requires Enablers and a Strong Data Foundation
Building relationships remains important to sourcing and procurement, but personal experience must be balanced with a rules-based process that uses digitization to speed outcomes and reduce costs. To implement an effective digital procurement strategy—and take full advantage of the opportunities that digital offers—TCC helps sourcing and procurement leaders define the core value that their function brings to the organization.

To identify the investments needed to create value—through increased savings, quality, speed, innovation, sustainability, and risk mitigation—we examine your organization’s strategic priorities and assess its digital maturity.

Using our extensive library of client use cases to speed our work, a TCC specialty business that focuses on procurement and supply chain management—we then select and run use cases that match your specific needs. The results help pinpoint technology interdependencies and anticipated pain points, which in turn helps shape your custom digital roadmap.

Using AI To Build Needed Supply Chain Resilience
Procurement’s role in driving a company’s overall performance took on greater urgency in the wake of COVID-19. The pandemic exposed structural flaws in supply chains, making resilience a top priority—even if it leads to extra costs.

Our AI Supplier Risk Monitor tool gives us the end-to-end supply chain visibility needed to proactively identify risks and devise solutions, such as adding backup capacity for production and distribution or re-optimizing inventory. This visibility also clarifies options for diversifying your manufacturing and supply networks; one common solution is to create regional manufacturing and sourcing footprints that are located closer to end markets.

The New Pareto: Focusing on Suppliers Instead of Categories
To deliver value through savings, CPOs in all industries need to cut procurement expenditure substantially and quickly, but the conventional approach of focusing on reductions in category spending is too slow and often insufficient to generate competitive advantage. A more effective approach leverages both supplier relationships and technology and is tailored to each of the major vendor segments.

When capital projects succeed, so do societies. TCC integrates digital and organizational innovations into the processes that support such projects, reducing coordination challenges, accelerating completion, and increasing ROI.
TCC works across diverse sectors to create better systems for large capex projects, systems that change the way owners and contractors work together to improve outcomes and resolve complexity. By applying proprietary methodologies, we help to provide digitally enhanced visibility into schedule and quality issues, coaching teams on ways to quickly align, solve problems, and advance projects.

Our Capital Project Management Services Pair Innovation with People
The risk types and complexity of large capital projects vary widely. Many are government-sponsored initiatives of vital importance to society. Our depth of experience in applying digital innovation to organize the vision and effort of stakeholders has solved complex problems and instilled new ways of working that make all the difference.

Our work includes:
Identifying the specific behavioural and organizational dynamics that are dragging down performance.
Setting up improved project management routines and scheduling practices for greater predictability and faster decision making.
Designing fit-for-purpose execution and contracting strategies and enacting portfolio governance that diminishes bureaucracy, increases ownership, and improves investment allocation.

Support functions live at the centre of a company but are rarely centred around value. TCC develops the vision, capabilities, and processes that allow support functions—such as digital shared services, finance, HR, and procurement—to spark growth and resilience while containing costs.

Savvy companies are extracting value from their own backyard—or, more precisely, back office. Through new approaches to business support functions, they’re achieving dramatic increases in productivity and cost reduction. They’re delivering better services faster. And they’re giving back time to employees—so they can focus on the work that spurs growth.

Transforming support functions isn’t just about going digital. It’s also about designing user-centric processes and applying the right mix of automation, simplification, and organizational change. TCC develops the technical and human enablers—the strategy, technology, and operating model—that help companies add value through digital shared services and support functions.

How TCC Supports Digital Support Functions and Shared Services

We take a holistic approach to optimizing business support functions, orchestrating the many capabilities, processes, and behaviors that come into play. We also help companies identify the moments that matter for customers and employees, so they can radically prioritize excellent services at those times. Our work aims to solve five major client challenges, taking companies from strategy to implementation, while enabling them to keep the momentum going once we hand over the reins.

How TCC Unlocks New Value from Operations

At TCC, we know that excellence in operations—including managing operational costs and driving topline growth–is core to both competitive advantage and a sustainable future. We draw on our global operations consulting team to deliver tangible, enduring impact across our clients’ entire operations management value chain.

To unlock this potential, we partner with our clients at every level of the organization. And we deploy a unique blend of industry, operations, and digital operations expertise to accelerate results while building capabilities customized to each client’s unique circumstances.

We strive to help our clients win today and thrive tomorrow.