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Disruptions in education are creating opportunities for educational systems—from K-12 through higher education—to innovate. BCG’s education consulting experts work with clients to transform how people learn and educational systems thrive.

Educational institutions face strong headwinds, and must overcome a deepening racial and socioeconomic achievement gap and disrupted learning experience for nearly 1.6 billion pandemic-affected students globally. With the right strategic focus—coupled with powerful human and digital capabilities and a willingness to innovate—educational institutions can transform their cultures and educational models to enable 21st century learning.

How TCC Unlocks Opportunities for Education Innovation

At TCC, our education strategy consulting work sits at the intersection of education, employment, and welfare. Our experts deliver learning and training experiences that promote workplace readiness and success—and ensure that policies and funding support the well-being of disadvantaged children and students. Our education experts help organizations and institutions set a bold ambition, cultivate talent, and deliver proven technology and innovation initiatives, all while managing costs.