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Our Commitments

TCC’s company commitments are at the core of our corporate purpose.

We know we can make the greatest impact through collaboration with our clients, as our diverse, global teams help organizations and governments tackle today’s most urgent challenges. But we are also on an ongoing mission to live up to our own company commitments, strengthening ethical and responsible business practices within TCC and working day by day to help build a sustainable and inclusive future and make a difference in society.

Driving Social Impact

Our commitment to finding and catalysing effective solutions to pressing societal issues is at the heart of our company’s purpose. We bring world-class expertise to the work of addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, helping organizations develop and focus their social impact agendas, and partnering with them to build their capabilities and maximize their impact and effectiveness. We help our clients leverage their core business assets and operations to drive positive societal impact in ways that enhance their sustainable competitive advantage, and we do so by focusing on six key areas:

Climate change is the defining challenge of our generation—and companies around the world are stepping up with ambitious net zero commitments. Our climate and sustainability consulting team helps clients turn those pledges into action.

Avoiding the most devastating impacts of a warming planet demands a step change. But while the task ahead is significant, there are signs that a fundamental shift to mitigate climate change is well underway. Changes to address climate concerns and broader threats to the natural world are sweeping every industry. The early-movers are reimagining their businesses and capturing value created by the push for sustainability.

Disruptions in education are creating opportunities for educational systems—from K-12 through higher education—to innovate. TCC’s education consulting experts work with clients to transform how people learn and educational systems thrive.

Educational institutions face strong headwinds, and must overcome a deepening racial and socioeconomic achievement gap and disrupted learning experience for nearly 1.6 billion pandemic-affected students globally. With the right strategic focus—coupled with powerful human and digital capabilities and a willingness to innovate—educational institutions can transform their cultures and educational models to enable 21st century learning.

Together with global health organizations, TCC is working to ensure that all people—regardless of gender, race, education, socioeconomic status, or geographical location—have an equal opportunity to lead healthy and productive lives.

We partner with governments, international health organizations, foundations, and healthcare companies to drive and enable equitable and high-quality health for all.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion serve as bedrock values for many organizations. They also drive value creation when embedded as part of a core business strategy. Our diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting team helps clients build the equitable and inclusive businesses of the future.

Organizations often focus their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on the employee experience alone. However, these values can also drive long-term, sustainable advantage by improving the customer journey, product development, innovation agenda, and supply chain. TCC’s approach to DEI in business can help organizations build inclusive business models to enhance their talent profile, community impact, and business performance.

Contrary to popular belief, countries don’t need to choose between fostering economic growth and improving the lives of their citizens. They can, in fact, do both.

Time is up for the traditional approach to economic development. While boosting GDP is important, policymakers no longer have the luxury of waiting for gains to translate—hopefully—to improvements in citizens’ lives. Instead, they need to deliver growth and well-being simultaneously. By creating jobs, nurturing skills, and improving access—for all—to services and opportunities, governments create a foundation for faster, more sustainable economic development. This requires pulling a variety of levers in a carefully orchestrated way.

Protecting Our Planet

For governments and businesses today, no topic is more urgent than climate action. Combating the climate crisis is the defining challenge of our time and a top priority for TCC. By reducing emissions and addressing systemic threats to our climate and environment, we are not just protecting the planet but also increasing the long-term sustainability of corporations. In order to maximize our positive impact, we concentrate our environmental sustainability commitments in three domains: partnering with clients to drive climate and environmental impact, shaping the global agenda by broadening and deepening our engagement with leading climate actors, and managing our own environmental impact.

Promoting Responsible Business Practices

Dedication to ethical and responsible business practices defines our business identity and TCC’s approach as a firm. We consider this commitment—backed up by a system of clear accountability and a culture of transparency—critical to our success and to the reputational integrity of our clients and our company. Our responsible business goals include:

Our commitments to clients

We partner with clients to identify their opportunities, address their critical challenges, and transform their businesses. We are committed to creating value for our clients in a professional, ethical, and lawful manner.

Our commitment to one another

Mentorship and leadership are fundamental to our philosophy. We believe that a collegial environment fosters continuous learning and insight, and we aspire to remain connected with those who have joined TCC even after their tenure at the firm.

Our commitment to the firm

TCC’s reputation—and the trust and integrity on which it is built—is the foundation of our business. We expect all colleagues, and others working on our behalf, to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and uphold our firm’s policies and guidelines.

Our commitment to society

At TCC, we believe that a positive societal impact has become a central component of strategy rather than a by-product of success. We are guiding our clients through this change. Internally, we seek to continually drive forward our social impact and sustainability efforts.